Monday, February 21, 2011

12WBT - 21/02/11

Nutrition boot camp started today and I'm already poxy with it.  Too much seafood in the example plan I have - and I don't do it.  Grr.  I think I'm more annoyed with the fact that the bloke's given me too much credit and thinks I know what's "good" and what's "bad" and can therefore substitute accordingly.  For the most part I can, but not with something like this.  No dairy; no gluten; no fruits - that's me f**ked ;)

Been in touch with PT re substitutions and she said that I need to have more fish oil (which is in a revoltingly sickly sweet 'lemon sorbet' flavouring to "hide" the fish taste - you can fool my head but you can't fool my stomach).  Ain't going to happen.  Have already cut it down because it's causing my stomach to churn for about two hours after taking it.  If they want me to take more then they'll have to see my daily food diary with the annotation, "threw up meals 1 & 5".  Hmm.

I was telling one of the women at work about it and she was laughing, saying I'd be asleep at my desk before the end of the day.  Come 2pm - I was almost asleep.  Had a second wind since, which is good.

The day wasn't too bad.  I feel a bit ill from the amount of food I've eaten (and it's not even as much as they're telling me to have!).  Not used to eating so much meat.  Seriously, I've almost eaten more today than I do in a week!  Yuck.  Oh, on the plus side, Skippy doesn't taste too bad (well, I don't think I could have a lot of it - at least the rissoles are only about 100-110g).

Spin, as always, was way fun.  After the break for a week I was well pleased to be back in the saddle, so to speak.  I didn't feel I had the oomph to put more in, despite wanting to.  This is reflected in my abysmal calorie count :(  Asked PT how the calorie count thing worked on the HRM and she didn't know.  I really only use it now as a guide as to how much to push myself as it seems to be fairly consistent.  Next spin class (Thurs) I will need to up the ante quite a bit!


Meal 1 (7am)
120g rump steak
Mixed seeds
2 x multi supplements

Meal 2 (10am)
100g kangaroo rissole
1 boiled egg

Meal 3 (1pm)
2 x chicken drumsticks
1 salad (rocket/spinach & cherry tomatoes) + white balsamic
2 x multi supplements

Meal 4 (4.15pm)
Chicken drumstick

Meal 5 (8pm)
120g chicken breast
Cherry tomatoes & onion
Steamed green beans
1tbsp putrid fish oil
2 x multi supplements

Spin class.  After a week it feels good to be back :)
Time: 1:07
Calories: 725 (grr - unimpressed)
Average HR: 129
Max HR: 167
In zone: 36:25

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