Wednesday, February 16, 2011

12WBT - 16/02/11

Productivity.  Really, what does it mean?  I thought that I'd had a productive day, but in the grand scheme of things - it wasn't.  Well, not work-wise, but who cares about that ;) haha

Left work at 3.30 today.  Wifey had an appointment with the physio so I figured I'd go up to the gym with her and play around a bit.  Ended up jumping on the treadmill (as I figured I would) and did a bit on there.  They need a warning for newbies like me!  I didn't know that they went into an automatic cool down period after 30 minutes.  Here was I, happily plodding along (at a reasonable rate of knots - not running, just walking) and then the bloody thing slows down and drops the incline!  Ugh!  Not impressed about that.  Mainly because I thought I'd broken it!  Seriously though, I was walking along with the speed on about 9.5 and an incline of 10 (nothing earth shattering).   For it to drop back to 5.5 and 0 incline was a bit of a shock.  EP swore.  Loudly. ;)

Anyway, after the 30 + 5 minute cool down, Wifey came up to laugh at me being all sweaty.  That wasn't the real reason, but she did laugh.  We then went off and did 10 minutes on the cross trainer before heading home.  I was happy with it all (despite the glitch on the treadmill).

The evenings are flying by and I'm not liking it - it means winter will be coming around to visit.  Let's not allow it.  When I take over the world, I'll be having something to say about that!

Breakfast: two boiled eggs
Lunch: salad (mixed bean, rocket, falafel, tomato, capsicum)
Snack: roasted chickpeas
Dinner: spinach & zucchini risotto (mmmmmmm)

Playing on the treadmill & cross trainer.
Time: 1:18
Calories: 926
Average HR: 136
Max HR: 173
In zone: 30:47

Guess what I really need to start to focus on, where possible, is keeping within zone.  On the treadmill it was easy (once I moved my towel and discovered that it keeps a reading there...hmm)

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