Saturday, February 26, 2011

12WBT - 26/02/11

Hmm, so after falling asleep early last night, Wifey informed me that I got up off the couch around 3.30am and came to bed (waking her up in the process).  Every time she was just about to drift off to sleep, I'd either roll on her or laugh in my sleep.  I'm good like that ;) What did concern her though was the way I apparently "slumped forward" when I fell asleep. She wasn't in the room at the time and when she did come in she felt the urge to check my pulse - just in case. My breathing was very shallow; much more than normal. I think she may've thought I went into a hypoglycaemic state. Who knows?

The unfortunate thing is, despite sleeping solidly, I still woke up tired.  This was a feeling I couldn't shake all day...

We had a relatively lazy day (which isn't unusual for us on the weekend).  Wifey had to go and get a haircut so I followed her up and thought I'd kill time before she finished her haircut (3 1/2 hours later...) and we picked up some framing we'd had done (which, I must say, looks awesome!  Thanks to the girls at In The Picture in Hornsby!).  It was a boring time, but I did manage to sit out in the sun reading, which was relaxing (and enough to keep me awake...just).

When we finally got home, guess what I ended up doing?  If you guessed falling asleep on the couch again, you'd be bang on the buck!  I'm over it!  The biosignature test may be one thing but the eating plan that comes with...  If I was an elite athlete in training - sure!  I'm not.  I don't profess to being one.  I don't want to be one.  This is where I think some of these "health professionals" (who are really more allied health professionals) need to realise that not everyone wants to be a bulky muscle-builder type.  I just want to lose weight and be more active, while leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  I don't want to have to be spending in excess of $60 each week on meat (just for myself) - this is more than we'd spend in six weeks on meat for the two of us!  I also don't want to be told that an allergy is only "in your head".

A bee in my bonnet?  Hell yeah!


Meal 1 (8.30am)
Scrambled eggs (with bacon, chilli, garlic & onion)
2 x multi supplements

Meals 2-4
We were out & didn't have anything, besides which, I was still full from brekkie.

Meal 5
Stirfy - broccolini, spring onion, onion, capsicum, garlic, bok choy, snow peas, corn spears

None.  Even though it should've been a super-Saturday session...naaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ;)


  1. There's no scientific evidence to support Biosignature AT all :) Charles Poliquin (the creator) and I have had quite a few biffs over the whole topic.

    Keep it real - don't eat seafood if you are truly allergic to it.

    Liz N
    (allied health professional and Biosig basher)

  2. Thanks. It sounded good - my PT recommended it but it's really a push for a low carb/high protein diet a la Atkins. I don't like the way it's making me feel (tired, lethargic & grumpy) so after this week, hasta la vista crappy diet!

    I hope you win when you have your biffs with CP :)