Monday, February 7, 2011

12WBT - 04/02/11

Ahh, Fridays.  The dawn of the new weekend.  Shame that one has to be at work in order to enjoy a weekend - lol.

The grand plan (we can tell what's going to come with this, can't we?) was to get out of work early (yay for having too many hours up my sleeve and go to the gym with Wifey.  Umm, yeah.  Didn't get away from work until the normal time (thanks to an afternoon of phone calls - seriously, one after the other...and messages being emailed through in between!).  It was too hot (wahoo, bring on the excuses!) to walk up to the we didn't.  I feel bad now.  In saying that, I did go to two spin classes, so that's OK...ish.

We pretty much just sat around lamenting the fact that we don't have air con and that the fans were only pushing hot air around the rooms.  Life's tough, huh?

Breakfast: puffed wheat, strawberries & LF yoghurt
Lunch: sandwich (Swiss cheese, rocket, tomato)
Dinner: arrabiata with fettuccine

Mmm.  Yeah.  Lazy day?

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