Monday, February 7, 2011

12WBT - 07/02/11

Mondays are coming around quickly, huh?

Not much to report today.  Just another, run-of-the-mill day.  Up, work, home, sleep, repeat ;)

Went off to the first of the two spin classes I want to go to each week.  Walking up to the gym was...a challenge.  My body was not the happiest it's been.  My poor bottom was sore from the running on Saturday and my shoulders were sore from the weights yesterday.  Must've been an interesting sight - lol.  Nevertheless, still did the class.  Only felt a bit of a cramping in the left calf once (okay, twice) but managed to sort that out without having to stop.  Pleased about that.

Got a message from the 12WBT forum - replied to that.  Hopefully going to arrange a weekend walk for around these here Lower North Shore parts.  I need to get back into walking.  Haven't done as much as I used to last year so should be good.  Was a bit of a shock seeing 6am suggested...but then, it's not like I wouldn't be close to waking up then anyway!  Besides, will be better in the temperature stakes - easier going (it's all about the easy option, huh?).

While I think about it - must say that I really enjoyed the coriander sauce that I made for dinner tonight.  I "mis-read" the recipe when it said 3 cloves of garlic.  3.  8.  What's the difference - haha.  I loves me garlic!

Breakfast: puffed wheat, blueberries, LF Greek yoghurt (pleased to report I'm only having about 1/2 as much of the yoghurt as I used to...and feeling just as full :) )
Lunch: sandwich (cheese, tomato, rocket)
Dinner: tofu & noodles (with a lovely coriander sauce)
Dessert: creamed rice & grapes

Spin class - love it, recommend it
Time: 57:25
Calories: 902
Average HR: 145
Max HR: 178
In zone: 25:07


  1. Hey EP! Just wanted to let you know that I'm getting a kick out of your blog! Hope you have a ripper round this one!



  2. Hi-de-hi, Lee-Ann,

    Thanks! Pleased you're enjoying it. Have been a bit slack with it, but you get that ;)