Sunday, February 20, 2011

12WBT - 19/02/11

Well, I wrote out my list of things to do.  I have achieved quite a few things on it - but not all.  Why?  Because I have this really bad habit of side-tracking myself with "good ideas".  Today's case in point was when I decided to get up and do the laundry.  I saw that the garden needed some water so went to get the hose.  I picked up the hose but instead of turning the tap on, I decided that I should sand back the outdoor furniture and re-oil it.  I actually started by sanding it all back, then figured I may as well do the kitchen island so went and lugged it out on to the balcony and sanded it back.  Rather than oiling everything, I went into the kitchen and moved the fridge to a new spot (as you do).  I wasn't happy so started to move it back when I realised I may as well give it a good cleaning in the old spot.  That, I did.  Then went out to oil everything - but not before starting to fold laundry and dusting.

Really.  That's how the morning started.  The afternoon was a mad panic of having to finish everything I started before Wifey got back from her conference!  I was fairly sure that she wouldn't be happy having the fridge in the middle of our pokey little kitchen.

Got an email from the Biosignature bloke.  Finally found out how much it had stung me (and it was much better than I figured).  I'm being given even more supplements to help with the toning of the jelly around the belly and with metabolism.  At least that's what I think they're for.  Big scientific words and I don't see eye to eye (I'm a humanities kid!).  He also sent through a nutrition plan for me - have to "bootcamp" it for two weeks (the first two weeks of the 12WBT - so I'll only be doing the exercising side of this for a couple of weeks).  Not looking forward to this!  5 meals a day - each with a lot of protein.  No fruit.  Nothing "beige".  A lot of seafood is in there as well.  While I appreciate that it's good for you, when are PTs going to appreciate that there are some of us out there who simply can't eat seafood (it's not just a matter of won't!).  Arrgh.

The other thing that came through with the info were my results.  I don't exactly know how to read them, but according to them I'm at 24.6% body fat.  I thought it was 28 that he told me (expecting it to be more into the 40s if not 50s!).  PT last night thought that 28% wasn't too bad (clearly not athlete material!!!).  I wonder what it would've been had I done it when I started the 12WBT last year?  Hmm.  Guess we'll never know!

Breakfast: granola & LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: mountain bread with mint jelly & a slice of Swiss cheese
Snack: crackers with marmite
Dinner: *sigh* can't remember...

Umm.  Broke into several sweats moving furniture and generally running around chasing my own tail.  That, my friends, was a bloody good workout!

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