Thursday, February 10, 2011

12WBT - 09/02/11

My mate turned 34 today.  That scares me as it means that it's 21 years since we started high school.  Man, a lot's happened in that time!  Y'know what scares me even more?  It's that his birthday is two weeks to the day before mine - and I'm going to be turning 26 again (I was going to be 27 this year but changed my mind this morning).

I had one of those days where I just couldn't be arsed with it.  Still went through the motions and went to work and filled in my day there.  The end of the day couldn't come fast enough (and I left at 3.30pm - haha!).  Even went and got a haircut (actually, there were quite a few that were cut, but I'm digressing).  I rate getting haircuts up there with buying shoes - I hate it.  With a passion.  Necessary evils though.

That bio signature thing I think I mentioned the other day (did I?), well I've followed up on it.  Asked PT about it and she's all pumped and supportive of it.  She flicked me an email address and warned me about a 2-3 week wait for an appointment.  Fired off a message and JaysusMaryandJoseph, got a reply within an hour or so offering me an appointment on Monday!  Ohh, how romantic!  Valentines Day - and I'm going to have someone pinch my fat rolls with calipers ;)  The appointment is at 6.45am - are fit people crazy-loco?  Who on earth starts work at that time?  At least it gives me the day :)

So, what is the bio signature thing?  Well, the place I'm going to get it done at has a nice, easy-to-follow synopsis here.  It may be some kind of hippy fad, but what've I got to lose by trying it?  PT is going to use the results to work out what I need to do in the gym.  I'm a bit scared about what it's going to tell me, but PT assures me that if I don't want to hear the numbers (as in body fat percentage), I don't have to.  I think I do though.  It'll scare me into doing more to change them!

Breakfast: slice of banana bread (s'ok - it was in the 12WBT menu last year!)
Lunch: leftover beef & bean from last night
Dinner: carrot & lamb pita pockets...mmm.

Umm.  Thinking.  Thinking is exercise.  Exercise for the brain :D (are you convinced?  No?  Really?  Oh.)

Weigh-in: Last week, after the initial excitement of losing 2.5kg, I started to think it must've been wrong.  Haha!  I must've been right.  Today's weigh-in was 88.9 (+2.6kg on last week).  I seem to be hovering around the 88kg mark.  Hmm.

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