Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12WBT - 22/02/11

Felt knackered when I woke up this morning.  I think the fact that it's getting darker in the mornings is causing this (though people at work seemed to feel similar so not sure if it's just early in the week or it is the darkness).

Meals were a bit more bearable today - though still struggling to get through them all!  It's a hell of a lot of food when you think about it.  I'm not used to eating so much (or not all the time, anyway!).  I will admit though, I did get a wee bit peckish around 3.30pm - only 'cos I knew I'd be eating again when I got home :)  I had the fish oil crap before dinner was served.  Ohhhh, boy.  Was that like the world's biggest mistake or what!  I was fine for a good minute and then I was off (to revisit what I'd eaten during the day).  Hmm.  Here I was thinking it was putrid, but I could handle a little.  Wonder what PT will say about that?

Exercise didn't happen.  Had intentions.  Instead I tidied the house before the inspection in the morning.  Wahoo.  Don't I lead an exciting life - NOT! haha


Meal 1 (7am)
120g kangaroo rissole
Steamed green beans & broccoli
Mixed seeds
2 x multi supplements

Meal 2 (10am)
110g rump steak
1 tomato

Meal 3 (1pm)
120g chicken breast
1 boiled egg
1 salad (rocket/spinach & cherry tomatoes)
2 x multi supplements
Meal 4 (4.15pm)
2 x chicken drumsticks
Meal 5 (7.30pm)
120g pork fillet
Cherry tomatoes
1tbsp putrid fish oil
2 x multi supplements

A bit of housebi*ch work and that's about it.

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