Friday, February 11, 2011

12WBT - 10/02/11

What happened today?  Umm.  How bad is it that I am having difficulty remembering?

It was a kinda uneventful day really.  I wasn't feeling too well in the afternoon on the way home - a bit nauseous, for no apparent reason.  It did pass - but I think it was only because my brain actually had to do some work and tell my stomach that I was going to spin whether it liked it or not!  My stomach decided that it was just playing silly buggers and since the brain got into gear and actually did something, it just relented.  (Okay, just in case you're wondering, I don't think that's really what happened.  I'm not crazy.  Not entirely, anyway.)

Part of the appeal of the spin classes is, I think, the music.  I'm actually liking what they play, which for me is very rare!  It was a great workout.  I'm getting better with it all.  Go team me!  After I walked out, I saw PT.  You have never seen anyone go from looking like death to being so chipper so quickly!  We had a brief chat and then I went back to being half dead ;)

The evening was rather uneventful.  Wifey wasn't feeling the best either (her brain wasn't talking to her tummy, unlike mine), which put a dampener on the evening.  Tomorrow, being Friday, can only be better! :)

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt (the bad kind)
Snack: mandarin & seeds
Lunch: left over: lamb & carrot pita with cottage cheese & tomato
Dinner: chickpea curry

Spin class (RPM) + brisk 20min walk (to gym & back)
Time: 1:25
Calories: 1184
Average HR: 148
Max HR: 177
In zone: 55:26

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