Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12WBT - 01/02/11

Hot.  Hot.  Hot.

Ugh.  Over this heat.  I'm so pleased we have air con at work - and our unit doesn't get the full sun (in summer, that is - resent it in winter though).  Fans can only do so much at home - enough to take the edge off - but that's it.

I'm really pleased that exercise wasn't on the cards today.  Too damn hot.  Not that this is an excuse, mind. I didn't plan to do any exercise in the first place - this week I'm doing a couple of gym sessions (stepping up from last week's virtually no exercise), then next week...yikes.

Wifey and I chillaxed in front of the fan & tele tonight.  I even helped her out with some of her work for school (read: I did it my way and let her have some input into things - lol).  It was nice - for both of us - to have some downtime.

Breakfast: two crumpets (naked)
Snack: apricot
Lunch: leftover paella
Snack: mixed seeds
Dinner: pork mince vermicelli (with corn, carrot, capsicum, onion)
Dessert: icy pop

Yeah, didn't happen...

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