Thursday, February 17, 2011

12WBT - 17/02/11

Did you know, it's only one month until St. Paddy's day.  I'm looking forward to that.  I'm also looking forward to April Fools, too.  Today I sent around a picture of a movie - modified to take the piss out of a couple of workmates.  It was well done (though I could've done it better had I not rushed it!), even if I did it myself ;)

Little things like humour in the office make work more bearable.  Given one third of our day is spent there - we need it.  It was sadly missing from my last job, possibly part of the reason I got stressed out so much there?  Don't get me wrong, I have stress at the moment too (e.g., crazy Russian lady who called me today and who I told was being rude and that I was going to ring off - she's a saga and a half!) but it's nothing like what I was at last year.  In fact, this time last year I was relatively stressed out doing the work of more than one person and getting no help from anyone else.  Ahh, it's nice looking back seeing how much better my life is...

I was going to go the gym tonight but when I got home I changed my mind.  My bum and upper legs are killing me (no, not literally).  That's not my excuse.  I had to prep for a teleconference at 6.30pm so wasn't able to get to the spin class at 5.30 (I could've made it - had I not prepped.  That would've made me late for the teleconference though - not a good look when I was to present the findings from two reports I've been working on...).

Was pumped to see that the 12WBT plans for week 1 are now up & ready.  Was a bit apprehensive going in to have a look though...

Breakfast: yoghurt & an apple
Snack: bag of crisps (ones supposed to be good for you...uh huh)
Lunch: left over risotto (which used to be completely unheard of as I loves me risotto)
Snack: one tim tam :(
Dinner: chicken pizza (on pita bread)
Dessert: icy pop

Couldn't be arsed...  How's that for speeching the truth? :)

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