Monday, February 7, 2011

12WBT - 06/02/11

Waitangi Day in New Zealand.  Aww, no day off for them (the only time I'm pleased I'm not there for a public holiday - lol).

We lazed about today.  Didn't do much in the morning as it was still hot.  We were, however, willing the cold front to make an appearance.  I was also killing time as I was having a PT session at a time to be determined.  PT had an appointment so wasn't sure when we could go.  In the end, it was a 12pm session.  Amazing how dead the gym is at that time!  I think, if I get the urge on a Sunday again, that will be the time for me :)

After a few minutes warming up on the treadmill it was off to the weights room for upper body.  I did, well, I'm not sure what they're called (I didn't pay that much attention) - chin ups on a machine using your own body weight as resistance, something else on a machine and some free weights.  What I am more aware of is that I need more work on my left arm - shoulder in particular (it's so weak in comparison to the right).  We only had a 30min session in the gym as I re-evaluated goals with PT and looked at exercise and food plans (as I'm going to go gluten free during the 12WBT this round to help lose the jelly on the belly).  PT also told me about something called a biosignature test (something like that), which looks at hormone levels etc and provides advice on diet and the likes.  I think I might look into this...

When I got home (and showered) we headed up to the supermarket for the dreaded weekly shop.  It's annoying seeing the crap fruit & veggies at the moment - and chances are it's not going to get any better :(  Can't complain - we didn't/don't have to suffer what Queensland's been through over the past few weeks!

Oh, if you hadn't guessed, I've not been the best at updating these.  I've been popping notes in (otherwise I'll never remember) - it's just that I've not been arsed sitting in front of the computer for long periods.  Computers radiate too much heat for my liking!

Breakfast: cereal, apple, mandarin, plum and LF Greek yoghurt (with a wee bit of honey)
Lunch: sourdough sandwich
Dinner: bocchini & basil pizza
Dessert: icy pop

Upper weights
Time: 30 minutes
no more info as some idiot forgot to press go on the HRM!  D'oh!

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