Sunday, February 20, 2011

12WBT - 20/02/11

Ahh.  Gotta love Sundays - short of having to end the weekend, that is.  We woke up at our usual stupid o'clock for a weekend and vegged.  Yep.  Pure vegged.  Breakfast in bed.  A few episodes of The Tudors on DVD and that was our morning.  Kinda.  We did actually get up and shower and such and were out of the house at about 11.30am, so we weren't that lazy.

Went into town to have a gander at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Australian Museum.  We enjoy going to this - although it's sickening to see how talented some of the kids are ;)  Spent over an hour there (bit longer if you take into account having to walk the 500,000 miles from Wynyard due to blasted track works ;) ... and the detour into a couple of shops for Wifey :) ).  Such a nice way to spend a Sunday.

Walking back, we realised we hadn't had lunch.  Hmm.  Was it going to be a good lunch or a bad one.  Wagamamas all the way!  I love this place, as does Wifey.  What better place to have lunch than one that we both really enjoy :)  So full afterwards though ;)

When we got home I entertained Wifey by playing the keyboard.  The entertainment factor comes from the fact that I can't play it - haha.  After the fun comes the pain - groceries.  Ugh.  More painful due to the fact that I'm on my nutrition "bootcamp" for the next two weeks.  Not looking forward to it.

I'm pleased that I'm not an Australian though.  I bought some kangaroo mince for my meals (only because it was well cheap, mind).  I think I'd have an issue with eating one of the animals on the coat of arms if I was an Aussie.  Just seems a bit weird.  Mind you, I think we have the queen and a Maori on our one so the chances of eating either would be...wrong.  Am a bit wary of eating poor ol' Skippy though :s

Oops - just realised I forgotted to publish yesterday's post.  My bad!

Breakfast: cereal & LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken itame
Dinner: gluten free pasta dish (a la Wifey)

Just ambling about.  Nothing too physical.

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