Friday, February 4, 2011

12WBT - 03/02/11

After yesterday - getting off at Wynyard - I decided to make it a regular thing.  Like I said, it's only about 10 minutes, if that, but 10 minutes is better than sitting on my arse on a train that doesn't have air con (which doesn't phase me when it's a cold day, just BTW).  I love being able to go into my own wee world and not have to pay attention to traffic (haven't been hit...yet).

So, this evening's plan was to go to a spin (or RPM - whatever) class at the gym at 6.30pm.  Do you know where this story is heading?  Well you're wrong!  Ha!  We ended up going to the one at 5.30pm ;)  Wifey had an appointment at the physio so we just met up at the gym (where the physio is) and went to an earlier class.  Spin is so much fun!  I'm really enjoying it.  Even more so when my legs aren't sore and I can do the standy-up bits :)  These are going to become regular features in my calendar.

Replied to a text from PT this evening confirming a session on Sunday morning.  She warned me that spin classes can be addictive - she could've told me this earlier in the piece (she could've also tried harder to get me into a gym last year - she's going to love me when I stir her up with that jibe on Sunday - haha).

Breakfast: two crumpets with banana
Lunch: left over paella from the other night (can you spot the one who couldn't be arsed last night???)
Dinner: spinach frittata (courtesy of Rosemary Stanton)
Dessert: icy pop

Time: 1:07
Calories: 1036
Average HR: 156
Max HR: 181
In zone: 29:16

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