Monday, January 24, 2011

12WBT - let the pre-season begin / starting demographics

Hello!  Happy New Year!

Well, after about four or five weeks, we're finally here.  Mish has opened it up for 2011.  I was toying with the idea of not paying for it now - wait until just before round 1 finally starts...but I couldn't do it.  Had to sign up now.  So I did.

Where have I come from?  At the start of round 3 I weighed in at 105kgs.  I knew I was fat but hadn't quite accepted how bad it was (as I knew I'd been in a worse position a couple of years before - maxing out at around 125-130kgs).  I'd had a bad year - quitting my job in April and then struggling to find a new one...until around the time round 3 opened.  It was during this period of being an unemployed bum that I saw on The Circle something about the 12WBT.   It was really a mindset change.  There wasn't too much of a lifestyle change (though if you read my blog from then, you might disagree - lol) - the biggest things to change were: (a) having breakfast daily and (b) doing exercise.  I had set a goal of joining a gym - but that didn't actually happen until last week.  I couldn't get past my mental block that I was too fat for a gym so I wasn't going to set foot inside.  My first session in a gym was on December 17, 2010!  I only remember this because Wifey and I flew out to Africa later that day ;)

During the Christmas break I wasn't sure how I'd cope with my weight.  We did an African safari for a month so spent most time sitting on a truck driving...and eating snacks.  Meals consisted of a lot of bread and carbs (especially potatoes and pasta!).  I felt I'd put on around 5kgs.  One of the first things I did when we got back home on January 14th was to weigh myself.  To my utter surprise, I was about 88kgs - a loss of 4kgs.  How stoked was I?  I have no idea when I was last this weight!  Most likely around high school?  Who knows?

How will this blog work?  I plan to put up daily entries (a day in arrears).  The entry will include some bits about my day (the boring part, but I find useful to map moods etc), what I've eaten and any exercise (including the calories burnt - this year I will also include my heart rate info).  I welcome any comments (if you feel the desire to say anything - and will try to respond to all) or suggestions - so please feel free.  

I'll start with some basic stats (as I did with last year's blog):
Age: 33 (will turn 34 on day 3 of round 1)

Gender: Male - this definitely won't change during the program

Location: Wollstonecraft, Sydney, NSW

Support crew: Wifey - she's put up with me this long doubt this'll change either

Height: 5'10" (or 178cm) - again, not likely to change

Weight: 88kgs (hmm, it was 88.8 this morning after nearly a week of being 88.0.  Not. Happy.  Jan.)

Goals: (in no order)

  • To complete as many fun runs as possible (the first is the Sun Run on Feb 5th!)
  • To lose weight (min 10kgs)
  • To tone up (i.e., get rid of the flabby skin)
  • To cook more!
  • To go to the gym at least 3 times a week

So.  Bring on this round and let me cement all I've learnt thus far!  YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!

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