Friday, January 28, 2011

12WBT - 27/01/11

Even though I wasn't going to go into work early today, I still did.  I will tomorrow, too.  It's nice being in there so early - the phone doesn't ring & people aren't emailing.  It's a chance to get stuff done without people around for me to annoy (I'm the king of procrastination!).  I was in at 6.50am today and thought I'd have a leisurely breakfast while getting stuff done.  Didn't quite happen.  By 8am, I was starving and couldn't hold back any longer.  Had to eat.

Wifey re-confirmed our PT session for tomorrow.  5pm sounded like a good idea at the time.  I guess it's an excuse not to head out for drinks after work (which is better for me?  Hmm?).  A few months back there was no way I would've contemplated going for a PT session - or entering the gym.  Now.  Meh.  Am very much looking forward to getting stuck into things again.  Whoo!

I'd told Wifey that one of the goals is to lose the jelly from the belly, which she very kindly relayed to PT.  Apparently, Omega-3 is good for this (something about connecting the...and that's kinda when I stopped listening).  As I'm not a fishy person (lol), PT suggested flax oil instead (as it does the same thing) - twice a day.  I shall look into this (I'm already having ground flax seeds on my cereal every day so that's got to be a would hope).  The other thing PT told her was to remove gluten from the diet - for about 10 weeks.  I'm toying very seriously with this idea.  I think that if I do this, I'll do it from the start of the round and for the whole round - it'll be easier for my head to accept.  In theory, anyhow!

Might have to do more in the way of weights, too.  Cardio isn't as good for jelly belly reduction as I'd first thought.  Talk about more changes comin' my way.  I don't do change very well.  Okay, I should say I don't do change very well when I'm paying attention to things - which isn't actually that often.

Breakfast: cereal (puffed rice, oats, flax seed), blueberries, strawberries & LF Greek yoghurt
Snack: banana
Lunch: salad (carrot, spinach & rocket, beetroot)
Snack: mixed seeds
Dinner: Mexican potatoes (incl. eggplant) & corn on the cob

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