Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12WBT - 25/01/11

All going to plan, today will be my last day starting work before 7am.  It's a pain in the rear having to try and catch up on all the stuff that just sat around for a month while we were away over Christmas.  I'm not after sympathy - I'm choosing to be this stupid.  I like to get in early as it gives me time without interruption to get things done.

The in-laws came down today - just for the night.  Since it was such a fleeting visit, I finished work at 2.30pm so I could go and spend a bit more time with them.  Started off with a wander around the Pitt St Westfields (nothing strenuous) with Wifey and MIL before heading home to crank up the barbie.  It was the first real workout the wee barbie's had since we got it before Christmas.

I do have to admit that I was contemplating a visit to the gym - but the reality was I wasn't going to do it.  On the plus side, PT confirmed our first session for 2011 for Friday.  Am looking forward to it, too (sick puppy, eh?).  I think that on Thursday I'll get out the Biggest Loser DVDs.  For anyone who didn't read my blog last year, I LOVE these - with a passion.  The first couple of weeks doing them (I did them instead of going to the gym) my language was terrible!  I cursed and swore at Mish and Shannon; but then found myself answering their questions and laughing with them...

Breakfast: puffed rice, LF Greek yoghurt, blueberries
Snack: apricot
Lunch: leftover veggie stirfry from last night
Snack: apricot
Dinner: (I'm sorry - I pigged out) 150g Angus sirloin steak, 2 sausages, 3 slices of polenta slice, salad (cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan)...not to mention some hummus & ciabatta and stuffed bell peppers


I'm looking forward to making a start back on the exercise path.  Must remember to weigh-in tomorrow morning (and only do it once a week - have been doing it almost daily of late).

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