Friday, January 28, 2011

12WBT - 28/01/11

Even after a hiccup in the middle of the week (courtesy of Australia Day), I was acutely aware of today being Friday...finally.  It's been a long week, while at the same time being a short week.  Make sense, no?  I can now honestly say that I've caught up at work.  In fact, I'm ahead on a report that we were hoping to have ready closer to the middle of the year (the draft was sent out today, even).  My manager and I were chatting about courses and we seem to have found some to go on - just got to get the rubber stamp to pay for them now.  For some reason, the ABS don't offer many in Sydney - or not the ones I want to do - so looks like there might be trips around the country in store.

While I've caught up on work, I don't think I can catch up on exercise.  It's been a well pants week in that respect.  So much for my plan of going to the gym every day (now that I've got a membership - finally!).  On the plus side (if you see it like that), I have survived the first PT session of the year.  I'm sure survive sounds a bit too positive for how I feel though...  Including the just on 10 minute walk up there, and the 20 minute struggle home (down hill, which I thought would make it easier, I might add), my 1.5 hour session burnt off 1166 calories.  Not overly happy with this, but the struggle at the end wouldn't have helped any.  PT 'eased' me back in with nearly 10 mins on the treadmill before moving to a weights circuit.  The shame of struggling to lift light weights was immense :(  This included squats with weights on my shoulders - the lesson I learned was not to say the weight is "OK" - even if they are - as this leads to an increase of weights next time.  We ended up with a cardio circuit.  I just have to reiterate: Turkish get-ups are ridiculous; I feel like a right twat doing them (and self-conscious when my belly pops out for a look-see).

After all this, I was fine on my legs...until walking down the stairs to leave the gym.  Nearly stacked it on the bloody first step as my dumbass legs were like jelly.  Walking home was no better.  Have you tried walking down hills - and more steps - when you have legs made out of raspberry Aeroplane jelly?  Try it.  It's deffo an experience that's hard to describe.

Seriously though, all smart arsed comments aside, it was great to be doing something physical again :)  The added bonus of the session was the comment when PT saw me (the first time since our last session before Christmas) - she thought I was fading away (particularly in the face).  Not to the point of looking gaunt or stupid yet (still way too much fat on the body for that), but to the point of it now being more noticeable that I'm losing weight.  Yeah :)

It was a funny day in terms of food, too.  I was fair starving for most of the day.  I could've demolished my lunch at about 10.30am (and I'm pleased I didn't as I would've been picking at all the food laid out in the staff kitchen otherwise - curse leftovers from meetings!  Ahh, I'm quite good at not going in for things there - self restraint has improved on the program).  Was a bit naughty (a bit!?!  Try a LOT) when I got home as I picked up a Magnum for a snack.  My defence was that I was going to the gym anyway.  How lame is that?  Going to the gym just to work of the sh*t you've just put into your body won't get you anywhere.  *sigh*

Breakfast: usual - puffed rice (with oats & flax seed), LF Greek yoghurt, blueberries & strawberries
Lunch: mountain bread wrap (pumpkin hummus, shaved ham, rocket & parmesan)
Snack: white choc Magnum ice cream :(
Dinner: spag bol (using gluten free spirals) - only a small portion, which is an improvement
Dessert: icy pop :)

Time: 1:33
Calories: 1166
Average HR: 138
Max HR: 179
In zone: 48:23

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