Thursday, January 27, 2011

12WBT - 26/01/11

Happy Australia Day and all that associated jazz.

I knew that I wasn't going to do anything today and boy was I pleased about that!  Bloody hell, it was warm.  Being from 'near Antarctica', I think anything over 20 is hot.  Today was over 30!  Yuck.

After we finally got up and pottered (including brekkie), we went off to lunch at The Tea Room in Mosman.  Great lunch menu - nothing that Mish would approve of, but it *is* Australia's birthday - haha.  It was such a relaxing place, with a great view over the harbour.  The weather was a bit pants when we arrived - the mist or whatever it was covered the harbour.  Fortunately, as we ate it cleared.

I really enjoy our visits from the in-laws - sadly, they're always very short.  It's just a relaxing time.  I usually de-stress (if I am stressed) fairly quickly.  Wifey is happy to see her folks.  We eat well (perhaps too well).  Yeah.  Very happy EP.

Breakfast: toast (ciabatta) with marmite
Lunch: twice cooked pork belly & kifler potato salad (and a lemon tart for dessert)
Dinner: a cheese toastie (swiss cheese) - still full from lunch!

The downside to having a day off mid-week is that I inevitably think it's a Saturday ;)

Weigh-in: 88.8kgs (no change from the weigh-in at demographics)

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